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Monday, November 7, 2011

Bosch/Siemens WFMC & WFXD (aka Nexxt series) E:13 & E:04 error displayed

Let me start with a disclaimer. While I've been a journeyman ticketed technician since 1997 and repairing appliances professionally for nearly 20 years, I am not a professional writer nor am I a guru web designer, so what you see is what you get...I hope it will suffice.

The E:13/E:04 error codes on the WFMC series Bosch and WFXD Siemens washer`s refer to a drainage problem, as you may or may not already know. (or in Bosch terms "pump time exceeded")
This blog is designed to explain the *most likely* way to remedy a E:13 and some cases E:04 codes. (This error can also be caused by other factors and just as commonly, too much detergent/suds...this is just the cleaning/inspecting the pump procedure).
**This procedure differs from the latest models such as WFVC washers which do not have the pump access cover. Though not listed, it also applies to other WFMC models such as WFMC2200, WFMC4300 etc...simply, if your washer has the 4" access door at the bottom, this is applicable.**
Let's begin with a word from Bosch/Siemens. "We recommend the use of "He" detergent because they are particularily designed to deliver optimum performance from your front-load washer. Not using "He" detergent could cause problems such as oversudsing , extended cycle time, or a decrease in wash performance."

**Unplug the washer from the wall or turn off the breaker before attempting any repairs...this will also reset the error, though it will return if the problem has not been resolved**

Get some towels and if possible a wet/dry shopvac. If your machine is stuck full of water, that sucks...hopefully you won't get too wet. (maybe you`re fortunate to be close to a floor drain, if so laying the drain hose to the floor should drain most of the water out)

1.  Locate the round door on the front of the machine (about 6" in diameter, lower right corner)

2.  Find a drill bit or small screwdriver that fits in the hole in the round door.

3.  Insert the bit into the hole in the door. It will push in a tab, it doesn't take much force. Rotate the hole (clockwise) to 6'oclock and it should come free. (the edges of the front panel, not the cover are very sharp so be careful. I suggest wearing long sleeves and gloves...a trick I use is covering the edges with electrical or duct tape).

4.  Once the door is out of the way you'll be greeted by a 3-4" plastic cap with wings so you can unscrew it by hand. (you should also see a green ring with a string attached as shown in the example here, if you pull this the door should unlatch...but wait ! Make sure the water is below the door if you pull this, it is usually a good plan or you'll really get wet)

NOTE: There is a small collector lip at the bottom of the cap, that is where you can hold the wet/dry vac (please don't use a household has to specifically be a "wet-dry" shop vacuum) to catch the water. Unscrew slowly so you don't get flooded, until it is unscrewed all the way out.

5.  Now pull out the trap and visually inspect the inside of the pump as well as the filter/trap. Hopefully you'll find the item/debris that initiated the error code...unless caused from oversudsing or failed/worn pump.

6. This is a good opportunity to inspect the drain pump impeller. An example is shown here of how it should appear. If any of the 4 vanes are missing or "shaved"'ll need a pump and this was certainly a factor or primary reason for the error.

7.  After removing any debris or obstruction`s re-install the button trap/lint filter and plug the washer in to power or reset the breaker and give it a test.

8.  Run a load without any items or detergent and watch for leaks. Leave the pump access door off until you are sure you screwed the cap in tight and there are no leaks.

NOTE - If the error returns without any debris in the pump, run the suggested clean cycle below to remove possible excess detergent build-up...if issue still persist's, other possibilities must be investigated, such as a “gummed up” or “dirty” check ball assy or ultimately a failed pump.

CLEANING TIP: It is recommended by Bosch/Siemens that a small amount of household bleach be run through the washer every 3 months...more often for heavily used machines. *This is to be done without items in the washer*
  1. Pour 1 cup of bleach into detergent compartment of the dispenser.
  2. Run a Cotton/Regular hot program.
There are other products on the market aside from bleach such as "Washerfresh" and "Affresh" that offer the same or superior results as well. If using these products follow the instructions on the package.

Finally, to summarize “why” these errors occur most often in the hope you can simply prevent this from happening in the future. When combining too much detergent and the use of cold washing, (which is awesome, cold water saves you money, I agree and I am also all for that) however, I find with this detergent folks tend to use enough to produce these unwanted suds, when used for warm or hot water washes it tends to suds even greater. Factor in the dirt from the soiled items in the wash, this manifest into a scenario of all this grunge build-up as it settle’s to the walls of the outer tub and hoses. 

Thanks for visiting my fixedappliance blog today. I hope I was able to provide you with some useful information to keep your hard earned money in your pocket and the steps to do-it-yourself. Good luck.

Please feel free to leave feedback or ask further question if anything is not clear or the procedures above do not resolve your particular problem.

**If you have any hesitation to perform anything suggested here, please contact a professional or post your concern here**

I have link to the top right of the page for my paid services, click on "Buy Now" to utilize this service.

I welcome your involvement, but please respect these solutions are only the first and most common remedies, not necessarily the resolve for all...but rather most Bosch "Nexxt" series E:13 & E:04 error codes as they relate to these B/S/H (Bosch, Siemens) washers.


Mark M.


  1. Thanks for posting this info (especially with pictures). I cleaned out the trap on my 500 series washer and it's running great again!

  2. Mark...thanks for your help! I had the washer pump cleaned out and running again within 15 minutes! Thanks, Diggler.

  3. You are awesome! With 4 kids my life revolves around my washer and dryer! Thanks again! Brandy

  4. I have done all these steps and can hear the water draining, yet the washer still codes E:04 only on the rinse cycle, I did use the cold cycle! n What should I try now that is not paying someone?

  5. I have tried all these steps, cleaned the whole thing and even ran cold only cycle, my washer still codes E:04 on rinse setting!